Zorbing – rolling downhill inside an orb.
The orb is manufactured from synthetic material. The external diameter is 3.2 m and inside, empty space with the diameter of 2 m is left. Layout refers to the Solar System and presents the size of planets in comparison with the Sun symbolized by the orb.

What you can experience in the orb:
In order to set the orb in motion, you need to move. In this way, you change the center of mass of the entire system orb – person inside the orb. When the orb is rolling fast, you can experience the effects of centrifugal force which makes your body adhere to the orb. When you are spinning together with the orb, it is not moving in relation to you, but the entire world around you is spinning. In this situation, you are part of a so called non-inertial reference frame. Orb’s walls reflect acoustic waves and your voice is louder. 

Price PLN 5 / 5 min – 1 person
When the orb is rolling on flat surface, the instructor is not obliged to accelerate its speed.
Tickets available at the box office only.
Use only in the presence of a qualified instructor.