Visiting the Garden

To give you at least a basic idea of how the laws of nature are learned in the Experience Garden, we invite you for a quick journey to your imagination. After crossing the gate of the Garden and buying tickets, we go deeper into the Garden. The first station is a prism, transforming sunlight into a beautiful rainbow. It is dozens of times larger than school prisms, made of plexiglas and filled with glycerine.

After white prism dispersion we advise you to set towards the Newton disc, where an opposite effect can be obtained. The disc, colourful when not moving, becomes white at 1800 rotations per minute. Like in the popular toy, the mirrors are inclined at 60 degrees, but there are no colourful glasses. We take their place. We are the object mirrored multiple times. If there was no occasion so far, we check the looks of the back of our head to see if the hairdresser performs as expected. Let us go farther, one cannot stay to long in a crowd of look-alikes.

The world gets stranger and stranger, and it is only the beginning. Every device presents one or more physical phenomena, never obtained just by pressing the button and watching. A gong struck strongly will emit no interesting sound, but multiple, subtle strikes lead to acoustic waves adding to create an incredible mood.

At another station we can create a whirlpool and watch its unique behaviour, dependent on the speed of cranking. Considering the way of leaving such a whirlpool may prove invaluable.

As an additional offer, we propose also swinging on a gyroscope or rolling in a zorb ball (additionally paid). For groups we have workshops on various subjects and on weekends there are interesting events, announced in advance in the news. We kindly invite you.