Summary Lemoniada 2015

We are very grateful to everybody who took part in this year edition of Lemoniada!
In reading competition the winner is Mr Marcin Kloczko from Warsaw, who won a telescope. The other persons, who collected 30 points, were rewarded with books.

In additional reading competition, which took place in the Garden, the winner was Mr Iwo Strzeboński. Mr Iwo won 200 Polish zlotys... from before redenomination.

In masqueraders contest the winner was Uliana Podrabinek from Moscow, who attends British International School of Cracow.

In fantasy writing contest the winner was Mr Marcin Maślanka from Krakow. Mr Marcin won a set of Stanisław Lem works (33 volumes). Mr Marcin's short story is available for reading after downloading file: opowiadanie_Lemoniada2015_MM

As there were only few works in art competition, the Jury decided not to choose the winner of the main prize. Commendations were given to Gabriela Kaczyńska and Mr Sebastian Przybyła.

After the celebration, a few person, led by the chairman of the Jury, Mr Stanisław Remuszko, went to Salwator cemetary to visit Stanisław Lem's grave.
More information and photos you will find on Polish Stanisław Lem's forum:

We are grateful to the sponsors of the awards:
- Mrs Barbara Lem and Mr Tomasz Lem,
- Astrokrak shop,
- Prószyński i S-ka publishing house,
- Matras bookshop network.

It is already known, that in the next edition of Lemoniada the subject of reading competition will be "Katar" by Stanisław Lem. We are bringing back the formula of the contest with final stage in the Science Garden as well.

Feel invited to take part in the competition!