Stanisław Lem – the patron of the Garden

The Science Gardenis named after Stanisław Lem. We have no doubts regarding the choice of this writer as our patron. He is one of the most famous inhabitants of Krakow, an icon of Polish and world literature. He is a symbol, contributing to the essence of Krakow's identity and unique image. However, this is not what we consider the most important about him. We admire Stanisław Lem as an insightful observer of the reality around us, a man whose mind was open for science, curious about the world. We are fascinated by his view on the place man has in our world and his brave questions about the future.

Stanisław Lem was born on September 12, 1921 in Lwów, died on March 27, 2006 in Krakow. He was an outstanding Polish modern writer, philosopher, futurologist, essayist and satiric author. He is known mainly for his science-fiction works, with e.g. "Solaris", "Return from the Stars", or "Fiasco" among his most popular works. His main creations include works on philosophy and futurology, especially concerning consideration of technology, the nature of intelligence, difficulties in communicating information and mutual understanding of intelligent beings.
     Stanisław Lem's works have significantly influenced Polish and world science-fiction literature. Lem's books have been translated into 41 languages and sold in more than 27 million copies. He is the most translated Polish writer and he used to be the most widely read non-English-language science-fiction author.

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