The Society and Science Agreement

The main purpose of the The Society and ScienceAgreement  SPiN is the development of a society based on education, science, technology and innovation, including: encouraging critical and creative thinking, building a sense of subjectivity and accountability and supporting a better understanding of science and inspiring social dialogue. Members of SPiN pursue this goal through activities, appropriate to the character of their institution, addressed to the audience of all ages - from preschoolers to senior citizens. At the same time, in accordance with assumptions accepted in the Agreement, the members of SPiN set high standards, sharing best practices, interact programmatically, planning nationwide actions, build position to participate in the public debate as the voice of the society, cooperate in the search for funding for jointly planned projects. Members of SPiN cooperate with each other in various configurations, and this cooperation covers various aspects of their activities, eg. the exchange of interactive exhibitions, cooperation in projects, consultation, etc.

The importance of SPiN is increasing every year. Today we influence 2.6 million recipients per year. This is a huge reach. To this must be added the high level of knowledge, the attractiveness of our actions and accompanying public trust. From this we derive the strength that enables us to continually expand our activity and believe that it will improve education and understanding of science in our society.

Joining the Agreement is not difficult - you have to fill in a declaration (the text of the Agreement and declaration can be downloaded at the end of the article), attach to it the information about your institution (the legal form is important due to the type of membership) and your activities, and sent it to: Centrum Nauki Kopernik, ul. Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie 20, 00-390 Warszawa, with a note „Porozumienie SPiN”. You can also leave it in an office of Interaction - Integration conference in Krakow. The conference is the perfect time to join the SPiN, or at least to gather information needed to make that decision. We are all there - and those already belonging to the Agreement, and its potential new members. It is the perfect time to talk, consult, share your ideas and make a declaration (or arrange to send it after the conference, after obtaining the necessary signatures).

We cordially invite you,
Robert Firmhofer - Secretary and Executive Committee of SPiN Agreement

If you have questions, please contact  Dorotą Wiślicką, tel. +48 501 438 085, e-mail: dorota.wsilicka[at]  

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