Fri 18.05.2018 Garden of Experiences

Night of Museum

May 18, we invite you for a night tour of the Science Garden! The only such opportunity to visit the garden in the evening time! There will be many additional attractions waiting for visitors...

Sun 27.08.2017 Garden of Experiences

Discover chemistry with all your senses!

On Sunday, August 27, we invite you to our department  – Garden of Experiences - for Chemical Sunday. Each participant will feel like a true scientist, will do some safe experiments on their own and will earn the "Young Chemist" diploma. During the show, we will demonstrate many chemical reactions and check the effects that will certainly surprise every observer...

Sun 23.10.2016 Garden of Experiences

Measuring the speed of sound

On Sunday, 23th of October, 2016, we will measure the speed of sound using a GH2 stun grenade. A person, whose result is the closest to the proper value, will be rewarded with the ticket to the Garden of Experiences for season 2017...

Sat 17.09.2016 Garden of Experiences

Drop in to Huta

For the eight time, during the weekend of 17-18 September 2016.

Fri 30.09.2016 Garden of Experiences


September 30, 18:00-22:00. Programme: themed guided tour "Experiments, that changed the world", measurement of the speed of sound in the air, colourful flames, flaming standing waves, search in ultraviolet, the world in infrared, in the dark with a night vision device.

Sun 18.09.2016 Garden of Experiences


Scientific - artistic workshops, referring to short stories of Stanislaw Lem. September 18, 2016, at 15:00. Programme: drawing an ice planet with colourful ice, cutting the knights out of PCV, creating milky dawn...