Sat 30.09.2017 Museum of Municipal Engineering

The Contest
„Draw Your Fiat"

We invite you to participate in the competition for younger car enthusiasts! Visit our exhibition "P for paradox. The story of the Fiat 125p" with your family and take part in the contest. Contest rules: take a comic book from the ticket office or from the table on the exhibition; find the places where we put the stamps; place the stamps in the book, they will create a Fiat 125p profile; colour the Fiat 125p in any way you like...

Sat 16.09.2017 Museum of Municipal Engineering

CONTEST We are waiting for your Fiat!

Do you want to present a photo of your Fiat 125p on the exhibition "P for Paradox. A Story of Fiat 125p?" Take part in our contest. Take your dusty album from the wall unit and see if you can find a photo...

Tue 03.01.2017 Museum of Municipal Engineering

Eko Toys - Cyberspace

Welcome to the fifth edition of the competition for young Eko Toys designers. This year's theme is the Cyberspace. Toys must be made of ecological materials, recyclables or so called electronic waste - discarded electrical and electronic devices. Organizers are waiting for your works from 03.01.2017 to 10.01.2017. The opening of post-competition exhibition named "Cyberspace" and announcement of winners will take place on 15.01.2017 at 12 o’clock ...