Tue 31.10.2017 Garden of Experiences

Season 2017 in Garden of Experiments has ended!

Thank you for visiting us this year, you are invited again from 20nd April, 2018.

Wed 04.10.2017 Garden of Experiences

Exhibition about bees

How are bees flying? How do they see, where do they live, what do they produce? How to create a friendly place for bees? You will find all the answer on the exhibition "We help bees with Kujawskie Region". The exhibition is open daily from 4 to 31 October 2017 in the Garden of Experiences...

Mon 25.09.2017 Garden of Experiences

New lesson in the Garden of Experiences - "Frosty Experiments"

Each of us in our daily lives benefits from the low temperatures. We store food in the fridge and freezer to keep it fresh for longer. In the summer we eat ice cream to cool ourselves, in the winter we skate on ice sheets and we make snowmen out of snow. However, there are substances that have much lower temperatures than ice and snow. During our workshops you will get to know dry ice and even colder liquid nitrogen, whose very low temperatures allows to conduct many interesting experiments. Workshops for groups of up to 15 participants, aged 12 years and more.

Mon 21.08.2017 Garden of Experiences

Holiday Week with Workshops

Holiday Week with Workshops in the Garden of Experiences! From 21th to 25nd of August...

Sun 27.08.2017 Garden of Experiences

Discover chemistry with all your senses!

On Sunday, August 27, we invite you to our department  – Garden of Experiences - for Chemical Sunday. Each participant will feel like a true scientist, will do some safe experiments on their own and will earn the "Young Chemist" diploma. During the show, we will demonstrate many chemical reactions and check the effects that will certainly surprise every observer...

Fri 23.06.2017 Garden of Experiences

Action: „A” in physics on report card

From the end of a school year, during whole week, grades “A” and “A+” in physics or similar physical science on this year report can serve as a free ticket to the Garden of Experiences. Free entry includes one of our additional attractions as well: a gyroscope, an orb or bungee trampoline. Feel invited!