The investment offensive of the Museum of Municipal Engineering

In the coming years, the Museum of Municipal Engineering will change beyond recognition. As a result of completed projects and renovations, the museum's exhibition possibilities will change radically, and the visitors will be able to admire the collections in much more comfortable conditions.

The museum's development and modernization plans promise to be very ambitious and include: alteration to the division at 15 Św. Wawrzyńca street; creation of a new division of the museum in the historic hangar at ul. I. Stella-Sawickiego with adaptation of adjoining green areas and preparation of winter attractions of the Stanisław Lem Garden of Experiments.

The quarter of Św. Wawrzyńca, where the Museum's headquarters are located, seems to be a completely composed and complete space in which little can be changed - the more so because the area is subject to strict conservation protection. Therefore, when planning to expand the exhibition area, the designers decided to go underground. The existing basements will be used, after deepening, but also completely new underground halls will be hollowed out. As a result, the exhibition area will increase from the current 3200 m2 to approx. 5943 m2. Thanks to this, it will be possible to present four permanent exhibitions and at least three temporary exhibitions in at the same time. What is important - separate buildings will be connected with glazed overground passages, which will allow comfortable viewing of the exhibition without having to go outside. In these areas permanent exhibitions will be created virtually anew and, in addition, several important monuments of technology will be subjected to all-round renovation and finally shown to visitors.

Moreover, on the post-industrial area of the former airport at I. Stella-Sawickiego street,
in the historic hangar, a new division of the museum will be opened, presenting mainly large-scale technological monuments: trams, buses, cars from MIM collections, vehicles of technical services. In the longer term, the museum's intention is also to create a place for conducting research, archiving and other works related to heritage of technology, particularly in Krakow. In the next stage of activities, a green space will be created around the hangar for rest, relaxation and education.
At the same time, without waiting for the renovation to be completed, MIM will temporarily open the hangar to visitors to present its large-size objects.

Thanks to the expansion of the infrastructure and the educational part of the seasonal division of MIM - Garden of Experiences, a new winter educational offer will be available, based on specific weather phenomena, mainly related to snow and ice. The project assumes the construction of about 28 new educational models, including a toboggan run, moulds for ice lenses, a snow avalanche model, and a ski jump.

It is worth emphasizing that two of the implemented projects are located outside the city centre. In the case of the hangar at Stella-Sawickiego street, residents of nearby districts will gain a completely new place to attractively spend their leisure time.