Information for organised groups

We ask organised groups (above 10 persons) for booking by telephone, from 9 AM to 4 PM at +48 12 428 66 00 wew.11.

While booking, please specify the approximate number of participants and guides as well as additional services (e.g. workshops). The optimal number is one guide for no more than 20 persons (25 persons maximum). A visit to the Experience Garden is focused on sensory experience – the visitors participate in experiments, using devices presenting various physical and natural phenomena.

If, apart from visiting, you are interested in educational workshops, additional attractions (zorb, gyroscope, bungee springboard), booking is also required due to organisational concerns. The Garden may be visited by 160 schoolchildren at the same time.
Organised group tours will begin at the following hours: 9:00, 11:10, 13:20, 15:30, 17:40

Please arrive on time.

Please inform us also if you decide to cancel your visit to the Garden.

In exceptional cases, if places are available, it is possible to begin visiting at an hour different than listed above, but it may make it necessary to reduce the visiting time – for such changes, please always contact the booking department to agree on details.

Upon arrival to the Garden you should report to the Ticket Office, provide the number of participants (children aged below 3, students, adults), the type of tickets and services you choose.

Visiting time is 90 minutes. Group workshops take 40 min.

Group visits without a guide are also possible, nevertheless we ask you that you book a specific visiting hour, as the number of persons able to visit the Garden at the same time is limited. We kindly inform that guided groups have priority at devices.

Our Garden offers a dining option. We serve freshly made crepes, waffles and a traditional Polish "zapiekanka"(a halved baguette grilled with mushrooms and cheese, topped with ketchup). We also have a selection of refreshing frozen ice-cream MINIMELTS.

We have a special offer for tour groups of 10 or more that would like to finish off their educational visit with a tasty treat: the price of any chosen crepe is 9zl. Please pre-order food for your group by phone: 605 370 370.For more information regarding meal options please visit out website for visitors/eat and refresh in Experience Garden.

  • For safety reasons, we reserve the right to temporarily place some additional attractions out of use during rain (e.g. the bungee springboard – electrically powered).
  • The main seat of the Museum of Urban Engineering is located at the 15 Św. Wawrzyńca street. Travel from the Experience Garden takes up to 30 minutes.