Gyroscope – flight trainer

Gyroscope is constructed from three big steel rings, each of which rotates around its own axis.

After excessive and prolonged use of the trainer, small ruptures of blood vessels may occur.
Maximum time: up to 5 minutes.
Price PLN 5 / 3 min - 1 person

Safety instruction:
Airplane flight trainer, type: Gyroscope – is a sport and recreational device intended for use in public places. Commercial activity is the purpose of the device. Device suitable for users aged 5 – 70.

Only healthy individuals are allowed to use the machine and every user enters the device on their own responsibility or after reading the rules of use which must be presented to the clients in a clear manner and in an accessible place, for example on the board in front of the entrance to the surface where the gyroscope has been installed).

 Contraindications to the use of the machine: cardiac problems, epilepsy, arterial hypertension, pregnancy, not recommended for individuals with the diseases of nervous system.

Every user is obliged to take off their jewelry and glasses, take out all objects from their pockets, for example mobile phone, keys, coins. All foreign bodies need to be removed from mouth, e.g. chewing gum, denture. People with long hair should tie or plait it.

While using the device, it is forbidden to pull arms and legs out, beyond the reach of the smallest ring. Before the launch of the machine it is necessary to make sure that the client wearing seatbelt is not able to touch the middle ring with their extended legs or arms – if the person is able to do it, he/she should not be allowed to use the machine due to safety reasons.