Solar System model

What can you do here
This fragment of the Solar System model was made with the proportions between diameters of the celestial bodies and their distances kept. It is about 3.3 billions times smaller than the real Solar System.

Along the alley models of the Sun and four planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars) are placed on stone plinths. You can find the model of the successive planet, Jupiter, on the hillock at the north border of our Science Garden. Models of other planets didn’t fit within the Garden area. Were they put at their respective distances, Saturn would be halfway between the Sun model and the John Paul II Street, Uranus on that street, and Neptune at the crossroads of the Ugorek street and the Ułanów street. The closest star system with a star whose size is similar to the Sun’s (Alpha Centauri) would have to be placed in Hawaii after crossing the North Pole.

Interesting facts
The General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union decided on 24 August 2006 to strike Pluto off the planet list, which means there are now eight planets in the Solar System.