A Solar System model

What you can do here
This fragment of the model of the Solar System has been made keeping the proportions between the diameters of the planets and their distances. It is about 3.3 billion times smaller than the real Solar System.
The models of the Sun and four planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars) have been put on stone plinths along the paths. You can find the model of the next planet, Jupiter, on a hill at the northern border of our Science Garden. The Garden is too small for the models of the other planets. If we wanted to put them at their respective distances, Saturn would be halfway between the Sun and Aleja Jana Pawła II, Uranus would be at Aleja Jana Pawła II, and Neptune at the crossroads of ulica Ugorek and Ułanów. The closest star a system with a star whose size is similar to the Sun (Alpha Centauri) would have to be in Hawaii going through the North Pole.

Interesting facts
The total mass of all the planets in the Solar System is only about 0.13% of the mass of the Sun.