Magic cones

What can you do here
Place the two-cone set in the lower part of the inclined plane. Observe how the cones act.

How does it work
The two cones move up along the inclined plane with no evident propulsion! This takes place because movement in that particular direction makes the centre of gravity of the entire system lower. The specific construction of the inclined plane is responsible for that. Its two rails drift apart from each other as the altitude grows. Despite  the fact that the point of contact of the cones with the plane rises, the centre of gravity of the cones becomes lower and lower.

Interesting facts
Every object in the universe approaches its lowest possible energy state:  a dropped apple falls on the ground, rivers flow from the heights towards the sea and the two-cone set’s centre of gravity is lowered while moving up the inclined plane. It turns out that even our laziness may arise from physical laws.