Levitating illusion

What can you do here
You need two people to conduct this  experiment.

Stand on the platform, your face towards the upper end of the model, so that your left leg is in front of the mirror and the other leg is behind the mirror. The closer you keep your body to the edge of the mirror, the better. Move up your leg on the side of the mirror, lean over and spread your arms. Let another p son observe you from a distance of a few metres. What do they see? Let them also try to find a place where the effect observed can be seen best. It is a proper place to take a photo. 

How does it work
The mirror makes the observer see two legs raised instead of one. You look as if you were flying.

Interesting facts
“Mirrorcube” hotel, which was built in Sweden, consists of rooms that are suspended on trees and their outer walls are mirrors.