Holey labyrinth

What can you do here

Put the ball into the ring and place it in the “START” position. By pulling two ends of the string, lead the ball through the holey labyrinth to the hole tagged “META” (“finish”). You can compete with other person as the model is twosided. The winning ball will emerge first in the outlet located on the side of the model.

How does it work

Direction in which the ring with the ball moves is determined by the net force, which is a result of summing forces from both ends of the string. The model is related to composition of vectors.
Vectors are objects that are used to describe physical quantities like force or velocity. Every vector has magnitude, sometimes called modulus (for example 5 N force), starting point, direction and sense.

Interesting facts

Velocity vectors of two cars that are moving along a straight road in opposite directions have the same direction but opposite sense.