Face piecing

What you can do here
You need another person for this experiment. Sit down facing the mirrors. By slightly changing your position try to adjust the details of your faces so that a new composite image is formed with all the features: chin, mouth, nose, eyes, forehead and hair.

How it works
This installation consists of small mirrors 3 cm in width. The mirrors are separated by 3 cm gaps. Your faces are partially reflected by the mirrors, and can partially be seen by the person sitting in front of you. If you manage to fit all the parts well, you will be able to see a new face, which is the outcome of piecing parts of two faces.

Interesting facts
It is interesting to note how quickly the brain loses its ability to check which parts of the image are true and which are just a reflection. It is only when you focus your eyes on one specific part that you are able to start the process of recognition: I recognise a part of my face, so it must be a mirror reflection.