In Geo-garden there are 17 rocks, the common feature of which is presence in Krakow’s architecture. Walking on Krakow’s paving, admiring wonderful monuments, using different architectural facilities, we are often not aware that applied rocks are not only silent witnesses of several-hundred history of the site, in which they are located, but also millions of years of existence in its original form before they were formed by artist or craftsman. Geo-garden in most areas come from southern Poland, part of them from the surrounding area of Krakow; some of them are from Pomorze and Wolyn in Ukraine.

Stanislaw Lem Experience Garden would like to express deep gratitude to the author of GEO -GARDEN concept, namely Prof. Jacek Rajchel from AGH University of Science and Technology, for his effort and commitment inserted during creation.

In addition, we would like to thank to all donors of rocks.

Rocks classification
All rocks forming the Earth’s crust can be divided in terms of origin: magma, sedimentary and metamorphic.
The group of magma rocks includes plutonic rocks resulting from magma coagulation under the surface of the Earth and volcanic rocks formed from lava congealed on its surface.
The group of sedimentary rocks includes cutting rocks resulting from accumulation of minerals - mainly from pre-existing rocks, pyroclastic material, products of aqueous solutions and organic debris.
Metamorphic rocks are formed from transformation, i.e. metamorphoses of older sedimentary and magma rocks under
influence on factors acting inside the Earth’s crust - pressure, temperature and time.