The idea of creating a sensory education park in Krakow, with an interactive exhibition presenting laws of physics, originated within the community of culture organisers and environmental activists in the 1990s. However, it was not until the year 2004 when the EQUAL Community Initiative Programme and the "Nowa Huta – Nowa Szansa" project of the Nowa Huta Initiatives Partnership provided basis for this experiment in terms of programme, organisation and funding. The undertaking was financed by the European Social Fund. The Garden was co-founded by the Krakow Municipal Board – today known as Board of Municipal Infrastructure and Transport – as well as the "U Siemachy" Association. The founders were inspired by the Sensual Experience Field that has existed in Nuremberg since 1996. The models were designed and built by a team of experts from Krakow, representing various fields, such as architecture, physics, and didactics. The City Council named the Experience Garden after Stanisław Lem, a distinguished citizen of Krakow and the world.

The project was completed using European Social Fund money within the EQUAL Community Initiative and Krakow municipal funds.

Since the end of the EQUAL Community Initiative Programme, the project has been continued by the Museum of Urban Engineering in Krakow.

Parties involved in the project