Information for individual tourists

It is not needed to book tickets. We invite you at any time for any period within the opening hours. For the first visit, we encourage you to plan at least 2 hour stay in the Garden. Experimenting with each of about 60 devices takes ca. 1.5-2 hours or longer.

Visiting is a sensory experience – the visitors can (or even should) touch the exhibited devices, experiencing physical and natural phenomena with various senses. Through play and performing the experiments on one's own, everyone can improve their knowledge about the world around us. By each device, there is a short manual and description of the phenomenon presented (in Polish and English). The exhibition is intended both for children and adults. We have multiple locations suitable for rest and contact with nature.

If you wish, you can be shown around the Garden by an Instructor. We recommend booking by telephone (a specific hour needs to be agreed on).

The Garden Library is located on the Garden's premises. We offer you the opportunity to borrow Stanisław Lem's books in the Garden (you only need to choose a book and leave a document other than ID or 30 zł deposit in the ticket office) and enjoy reading, e.g. in the LEM-byrinth…

It is possible to participate in educational workshops, presentations, experiments, sky observations etc. (often for free) during various events in the Garden, such as: Museums at Night, Scientists' Night, Stanisław Lem Day. We invite you to follow the news at our website, visit our Facebook profile and make use of our proposals.

Upon arrival into the Garden, you need to report to the Ticket Office, provide the number of participants (children aged below 7, students, adults) as well as the type of tickets and services you choose. If you need a VAT invoice, please prepare the necessary data and the address at which it needs to be sent. Because we are only a subdivision of the Museum, it is not possible to issue an invoice on the same day. Therefore, you receive a receipt or a bill of payment (KP form – if invoice is to be issued).

We kindly inform that the Garden of Experiences accepts ICOM cards and the Krakow Family Card 3+ and 4+. In accordance with the decision of the Museum of Municipal Engineering Management no 16/2014, the following prices apply to the holders of the KKR3+ and  KKR4+ cards: 14.50 zł (family ticket – for up to 4 persons, including up to 2 adults, but its purchase is economical already for 2 persons). Each 5th and additional person holding a valid KKR 3+ or 4+ may purchase a normal ticket for 5 zł and a discount ticket for 3.50 zł.

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